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Pieces of the big picture

When looking to solve a process gap, deliver a new tool, implement new software, or open a new site most project sponsors assume it’s as easy as putting a few puzzle pieces together.  Or worse - merely checking a few items off a To Do list!  More often than not looking at the big picture while understanding how it aligns to the overall strategy is overlooked.  This inaction ends up being the root cause of many failed projects.  Without a clear strategy it’s difficult to determine what approach a project should take, or how to structure itself in order to achieve goals successfully.  Without the right approach it’s difficult to create a realistic project plan.  And so on…  You get the picture?

Imagine yourself over a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. What’s your first step?  You take a look at the finished picture/product on the cover of the box. Then you ask yourself what strategy and approach to take; look for the corner and edge pieces.  Then you refine your approach by looking for like-color pieces.  Right?  So why wouldn’t you do the same for your multi-million dollar project?

Take your time – insure you have a strategy – look at the big picture – determine your approach.  Know what success looks like.  So let’s get started!


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  1. The blog looks good! Clean, easy to navigate, read, and respond.


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